The blades are produced from symmetrical, CNC machined aluminium moulds whose surfaces are heated to 280oC. Fibres pre-impregnated with epoxy resin are laid out in the mould and compressed under hydraulically applied pressure. The use of prepreg fibres reduces micro-voids in the composite for the optimized strength, fatigue resistance and flex response. Prepreg technology also allows for an accurate cut and positioning of each individual layer which in turn allows designers to achieve a very specific flex pattern without compromising the shape of the fin. Prepreg is the ultimate and most accurate construction for fins over 40cm where any other method would result in blade that is too thick, too thin, or too soft.

The materials used are a combination of carbon weave, biaxial carbon, glass weave and 3 dimensional GTX fibres (Glass tri-axial). The GTX fibre’s thick compressible nature allows the mould surfaces to close fully and ensure a blade whose shape is true to the original. Each prepreg fin is individually custom finished by hand, with a minimal paint and gelcoat finish to meet tighter tolerances.